USB smart card reader and RDP connections


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    I have a user who primarily works from our satellite office and has a desktop down there, but she is working from headquarters for the week and typically borrows a laptop to remote to her desktop and then RDP from there to her VMs running on a clients network. In able to establish this connection, she is using a smart card reader connected via USB to her desktop. Typically we have given her older Dell D820's to use as a loaner, which do not have onboard smartcard readers, but this time we gave her a Latitude E6500 that does have an onboard reader. I will explain why I believe this is relevant later.

    So just to be extra clear, we are RDP'ing to her desktop at the satellite office. From there she attempts to work as usual by opening an RDP session to a machine on the client network. It does not detect the smart card. I opened the device manager and saw it detected the reader and the smart card, both were enabled with correct drivers. We closed out the RDP session and after looking through the device manager of the laptop, I noticed it too had a smart card (onboard), and thinking it may be conflicting, I disabled it. We once again RDP'ed to her desktop and this time it did not even give us the option to insert a smart card. So next thing we tried was completely uninstalling the smart card reader drivers from the laptop, and stopping the smart card service. We even disabled the "share smart card" from the RDP settings. Still not giving us the smart card option while trying to RDP to the client machine. Once we installed the drivers again on the laptop, the option showed up. Therefore, I think it is attempting to use the onboard smart card reader for the laptop even after being RDP'ed to her desktop, and of course the smart card is in the usb reader connected to the desktop 150 miles away.

    I had her call a colleague down there and have them log in as her and attempt to establish the RDP connection. They were successful. How do I tell the machine to use the USB card reader physically connected to establish the connection rather than the onboard of the laptop?

    Any help is appreciated. Both desktop and laptop are on Windows 7 Enterprise x64.


    Monday, September 12, 2011 5:30 PM


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