Corrupt C Drive- Vista


  • Hi- I know that there is a lot of info for this problem, but to be honest I can't find anything that I can make too much sense of. 

    The other night I found that I was no longer able to open my "Pictures" folder on my C drive.  This became obvious after importing pictures off my phone (hopefully that is irrelevant, rather than the cause of the issue).

    I have a WD hard drive that (I assume/ hopefully) has been performing routine back ups, so I am not too worried about losing files.  I can open word files, etc, so from what I've seen, it's only the pictures. 

    I have attempted to do a basic system restore, however it won't allow this due to the drive being corrupt (catch 22!).

    I have seen info on running some program, and I can probably do that, but not 100% sure of the process.  If that a solution, should I unplug my external harddrive before running it?

    Hopefully this all makes sense! (I'm attempting to function on about 4hours of broken sleep due to having a newborn & toddlers!).

    Thanks in advance to anyone able to help.



    Friday, December 03, 2010 5:18 AM