How to insert subtitles into a video file

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  • I got a blaupunkt LCD TV that can show videos stored on a USB device. But if subtitles are external they won't show.

    But I found an easy way to fix that. And since lots of others ask questions about this,
    here's the guide:

    1) Assuming you got the video file, but not yet the subtitles for it, you can usually download them. And specially if you downloaded them I suggest, that you always check starting and ending lines, which are usually advertisement of some sort, and also check synchronization.

    - Download and run Subtitle Edit
    - Open the subtitle file and delete the advertisements
    - Then click synchronization tab and choose "visual sync..." and find the two beginnings of the subtitles in the movie and click "SYNC" button
    - Save the subtitles file again

    2) Muxing: Since we only want to insert subtitles, it is not desirable to re-encode the video in anyway that might reduce quality.

    - Download and run MKVToolNix (The application file "mmg")
    - Click the "add" button and choose your video file and the subtitle file
    - Click the "start muxing"

    In about 2 minutes (processing 500mb-1gb) it will produce a copy of your video file with subtitles included in the .mkv format. Perfect for your collection since you can always extract subtitles again or convert the video to any future format.

    Btw: In case you got a split movie you can also merge it with MKVToolNix:

    - If your subtitles files are also split it is easier to first insert them into the split movie files before merging the movie
    - When you want to merge the movie using MKVToolNix : Press "add" to the first part of the video file and press "append" to insert the second part. If you selected both parts with "add" it will produce an invalid file

    Monday, September 03, 2012 3:52 PM

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  • LCD TV Alternative: The LCD TV might accept external subtitles if the file name is exactly the same as the movie name! Plenty of subtitles have their language code appended to title in file name, and that could be why your TV doesn't find the subs.
    Tuesday, September 04, 2012 7:51 PM
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    Thanks for sharing. We really appreciate your time and efforts. Hope your experience will help other community members facing similar problems.


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