"looking for credential tiles..." neverending while accessing share "as different user" reboot helps , ?


  • Hello,

    any week or 2 when i try to access our domains fileserver (emc system) shares as domain admin (logged into my win7 with domain user) i get the "looking for credential tiles..." dialog, and it wont go away, i can have it sit there for weeks if i like.

    other shares on native win servers are also problematic, when i use the different user feature

    please help me debugging this. i am aware that there is a topic about fingerprint software or such, but my pc only has 2 smartcard readers, i didnt check wether it only turns up after i used my smartcard or not, but i guess, i could have some debugging output of the service behind this, please point me into the right direction, thanks.

    Monday, February 25, 2013 9:15 AM

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