Cannot connect to server using Filezilla SSH


  • I recently upgraded from XPPro to Win7 and the only problem I am having is connect via SSH from my Win7 machine to our web server using Filezilla. I can connect to that same server using FTP.

    When I try to connect I receive the message: "Server unexpectedly closed network connection". I tried connecting with both Filezilla and WinSCP and received the same error.

    Here is what I have eliminated in my search for a solution:

    1. Our web server does not require a private key
    2. I still receive the same error message when I turn off the firewall
    3. I still receive the same error message when I bypass my wireless router and connect to the intenet directly through my cable modem.
    4. The Filezilla network configuration wizard passes the tests for ssh connections

    With the router connected I have set up port forwarding, and with the firewall on I have configured the ports to be used for Filezilla. I can still connect to that same server on an XP machine and an Apple machine, so my best guess is that the problem I am having is Win7 related. I'm sure the solution must be an easy one that I have overlooked. Any suggestions?

    Wednesday, December 30, 2009 10:20 AM


  • Hello,

    What operating system was installed on the web server?

    Try to run Filezilla as administrator and to see if the issue persists: Right click Filezilla  and choose run as administrator.

    I understand that you have turned off the firewall, but to eliminate any possible causes, let's add a Inbound Rule for SSH.

    1. Opening Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

    2. Clicked on Inbound Rules, then on New Rule.
    3. Chose to add a Port rule.
    4. Specified TCP port 22 only.

    5. Take the defaults to Allow the Connection, apply this to All domains, and give the rule a Name of your choice.




    Thursday, December 31, 2009 7:28 AM