Windows 7 Firewall


  • I think I got a rootkit virus a about a month ago and I went to change the firewall settings and it tells me to use recomended settings, but when I click it I get an error code saying 0x8007042c.  I downloaded a few files TDSS killer, Sophos, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, Norton internet security.  But nothing seems to work.  Sophos keeps finding files to delete but they seem like all valuable files. (I read thats how TDSS killers work). 

    I went into the registry tried findiing some type of file nothing.  I even went to cmd typed c\netsh advfirewall firewall reset and it told me advfirewall firewall reset, the following command was not found? so I tried netsh firewall reset and it told me that it is deprecated.  i checked in my registry for HkeylocalM\soft\polices\micro\WindowsFirewall but it wasnt there

    instead i found under hkeylocaalm\soft\polices\micro\windows\networkConnectivityStatusIndicator  something called NC_firewall? is that supposed to be there?

    anyway my question is one of the three

    1) how do I go about fixing my windows firewall without reformating my hard drive

    2 ) Where can I redownload windows firewall on the microsoft site?

    3 ) do I really have to re format my hard drive :'(

    P.S. Sorry for the abreviated registry files
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