Kernel Power error 41(63)


  • Hi all!I have a huge problem with my PC,I built it back in April and it was kind of an "OK" but when I first started to play it rebooted for no reason and in the first screen(when it rebbots) it said that it wasn't shutting down properly.I thought that it was my fault that I assembled it the wrong way but it wasn't so I carried it to a tech in my neighborhood and said it was perfectly assembled.So now I'm here looking for a way out :D

    Windows 7 64bit OEM
    I5 2500k no oc
    GTX 570 Twin frozr III power ed.
    Ram corsair vegeance low profile 2x4GB
    PSU Arkangel Metatron v2.2 850w
    MOBO Asrock Extreme 3 Gen 3 Z68
    Samsung Spin point F4 320GB+1tb western digital caviar green

    I've also found out from the event registry that it is a kernel power error 41...

    Sorry for my english please bear it until I solve my problem and also sorry for novel xD

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