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  •  My computer just shut down without warning, i lost my revision, as i know autocad save temporary files automatically, I might be able to get my revision back by recovering from autosave file. Any help will be appreciate, thanks in advance.
    Wednesday, August 20, 2014 6:47 PM


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  • Wednesday, August 20, 2014 7:42 PM
  • Hi, tillwalter,

    You can also find some more information about the AutoCAD autosave file below:


    Hope that helps!
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    Thursday, August 21, 2014 4:04 AM
  • The other kind of file that will be useful is the BAK file. This file is actually a copy of the file before the last save. This means that the first time that a file is saved, no BAK file will exist. The second time a drawing is saved, the BAK file will be created containing the information from the first save. These files are created in the same directory where the drawing is located. BAK files will only be created if the setting to create BAK files is toggled on. This can be found in the OPTIONS box under the Open and Save tab, “Create backup copy with each save.” Change the file extension from .BAK to .DWG, rename the file to something different than the original, and open it up in AutoCAD.

    Compare the .SV$, .BAK, and the original .DWG to determine which is the most up-to-date, and that it contains all of the drawing data. Retain a backup of all of the original files, and rename the appropriate file to the original DWG name. Finally, there’s a chance that the drawing is corrupted. After saving the drawing run the AUDIT command choose YES to fix all the errors. You should now be ready to continue drawing.

    Particular commands tend to crash the program more than others like hatch and 3d orbit. It is a good idea to QSAVE before you run these commands, or any others you find that crash the program.

    Tuesday, November 4, 2014 6:50 PM
  • Your best protection against this disaster is the AUTOMATIC SAVE feature. The interval between Automatic Saves is set on the OPEN and SAVE of the OPTIONS command.

    So how do you recover an Automatic save file? When you open AutoCAD after a crash the DRAWING RECOVERY MANAGER should display. If not, type DRAWINGRECOVERY and press ENTER.

    Backup files (BAK) and Automatic Save Files (SV$) that were found are displayed in the DRAWING RECOVERY MANAGER and can be reviewed and selectively recovered.
    Wednesday, November 5, 2014 8:38 PM