"The user profile service failed the login," how can I login and not lose my identity on the laptop?


  • I have a Dell Vostro 1520 Professional laptop, Centrino, Windows 7 Professional, less than a year old. I am the owner and sole user of this laptop. A few days ago, when attempting to login using my password I received the error message: "The user profile service failed the login. User profile cannot be loaded." I have tried several times to re-enter my password, but each time I receive the same error message. Several days before this a Dell Technician came to my home and replaced my motherboard. But I was able to use my laptop for several days after he installed the new motherboard. Also, the night before I received the error message, I received a new Windows Update which installed "Ease of Access". When I turn on the laptop, I wait and watch the Windows Loading logo appear, and then my login screen appears with the name of the computer over the password box. After I enter my password, I receive the above error message, an "OK" in a box appears below the error message. When I click OK, the words "Logging Off" appear, and I am offered another chance to enter my password. Usually during the second chance I receive the prompt for my password, and also an option to reset my password. I tried the option to reset my password, but when I clicked on the option to reset my password, it said that I had to have previously created a password reset disk. I do not have a password reset disk. I please request your expertise in helping to solve this problem? However, I do not want to lose access to my programs, audio, video and document files, as well as all my settings. I run my entire business from this laptop. I do not understand how my identity can just disappear from my computer! Also, Dell says that this problem was not caused by the motherboard replacement and so cannot give me technical support on this issue. Did they cause me to only have a temporary identity after replacing the motherboard? Also, after the motherboard was replaced, I had to chat with a Microsoft Technician for about two hours to create a new product key as I was getting an error message saying that my copy of Windows was not genuine. They confirmed it as genuine but, following the Microsoft Technician's exact directions, I entered all sorts of numbers and codes into the computer to create the new product key. Could that have caused the problem with my user profile? More important than who is to blame, I just want to be able to work again on my laptop. I sincerely appreciate your time and and help in this matter, and thank you for your response.  
    Saturday, July 10, 2010 4:34 AM


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