I deleted my intel. How do I get it back? RRS feed

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  • Hi, kinda did a bonehead thing today, was having problems when I had my devices phone etc backing up and out of no where this window popped up and asked if I wanted to have this as my home computer or public, which never seen that since I bought the computer. Then next thing I knew I was sharing my computer info as a group two, so basically everyone could see me. I was vulnerable, so I deleted that, and in the process deleted my intel. It  states "No supported Intel Wireless Network Adapter was found". So anyway long story short. my intel is gone, although it seems to still be running in the back ground when I go over to programs and look into the info, how do I install this back or is this like something I am not completely understanding? Help Please. I  use wireless for everything. I actually have my wifi on here at my home, but will I still be able to use it say if I go out of town or am at a different location with wi-fi that my computer doesn't recognize, or does that even matter? Any information is muchly appreciated. Thanks, Rosebud7

    Wednesday, June 25, 2014 5:41 PM