USB Barcode Scanner on Windows 7 64-bit


  • Referencing another article, my PC only USES a USB keyboard and mouse.  Both are connected but I STILL can not get Windows 7 64-bit to recognize my USB Barcode scanner.  It is a "Hand Held Products" 4206 series.  I have tried setting it to USB Keyboard mode AND USB HID Device mode.



    Saturday, April 10, 2010 6:29 PM

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  • hand held products seems to have been acquired by honeywell.
    they have no obvious record of a 4206 model, but do show a 4620?
    if this is yours, it looks to be pretty old
    Sunday, April 11, 2010 9:04 PM
  • Yes, it is an older one.  The one you found is not it.  Mine is a cabled unit with a USB interface.  I have another one that is even older that has a PS/2 keyboard wedge that works as long as I have an actual keyboard attached to the wedge itself.


    Regardless, it is set up to act as if it is a keyboard and works on 32 bit systems.  I even tried changing it to a HID device.  Windows 7 and Vista (both 64-bit versions) refuse to recognize it and int fact tell me that they can't.  The complete model on the unit is 4206GSR061C.  I already know that Honeywell bought HandHeld products.  What I DID find was by pure accident.  The problem is that what I DID find was 32-bit and Windows 7 yelled at me for not having the 64-bit version.  These barcode readers SHOULD be plug and play.  Windows XP had no problem.  And to make matters worse, I try to install a driver manually, thinking I could use a USB keyboard driver, but the Windows Hardware installer won't let me select just any device.  It wants what IT thinks is right and nothing else.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010 9:19 PM
  • Best part about it is that when I plug it in, it ACTS like it is working (ie, proper beeps, etc.).  You just do not get anything on any Windows Apps (ie. Notepad).  (That plus the error about not recognizing it...)
    Sunday, April 11, 2010 10:56 PM
  • Can you locate the device in the Device Manager and right-click the device > Properties > Details, then choose "Hardware Ids" from the drop-down menu under "Property".

    What is listed under "Value"?
    Monday, April 12, 2010 2:56 AM
  • Unknown Device - Same as the error message.
    Monday, April 12, 2010 3:00 AM
  • Hi FirestormTNM,


    Please contact Honeywell directly to confirm whether this product is compatible with Windows 7. Also, you can try install this scanner in the compatibility mode to check the result.


    If the issue exists, try installing the device in Windows XP Mode to see if it works. You can refer to Scenario 2: Use a USB device in a virtual machine in this article: Windows Virtual PC Evaluation Guide





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    Tuesday, April 13, 2010 6:48 AM
  • This is SUPPOSE to be an HID device and thus NOT suppose to REQUIRE a special driver.  In fact, when I TRY to CHANGE the driver, not ONLY will windows NOT allow me to tell it what I see it as (either a USB keyboard device or an HID device - unit programmable) but it INSISTS that it is some kind of USB HUB!
    Friday, April 16, 2010 3:16 AM
  • HID devices do require a driver.


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    Friday, April 16, 2010 3:18 AM
  • But I was told by the manufacturer that the driver is alreadyt PART of windows - the generic HID driver.
    Friday, April 16, 2010 3:29 AM