Computer fails to boot, Start up repair fails to load


  • My computer froze, so restarted it. After restarting I was given the menu for normal start up or start up repair. I choose start up repair which was unable to fix the problem.  After restart I choose to load normal. After several mins windows froze again. I manually restarted again and loaded start up repair again which again was unable to auto fix the problem. I then tried to use thew restore point, which produced an error and was not able to restore windows to that point. I tried a different point and same error happened. I ran the diag report and it said a corupt boot file could be the cause. I restarted the computer and the menu appeared for normal or start up repair, but this time If I touched any keys it froze, also if i let the count dowm auto select startup repair, the screen goes black and nothing happens.

    I am using custom build computer. I have an ASUS motherboard, AMD processor 2 core, 4 Gb mem, Win 7. I do not have the OS disk.

    please help me

    Saturday, October 15, 2011 4:47 PM