Windows 7 Ultimate wont find the drive to be installed into.


  • HI,

    I recently purchased a HP compaq presario c62 320.By default, it had windows 7 Starter.I wasnt pleased with windows 7 starter and decided to install windows 7 ultimate.The installation was successful. After three days, I decided to partition the hard drive so that I could leave one bigger partition for windows and have the other partition for Linux. I used the windows 7 control panel to partition and the process was successful. Now it was the time to install Ubuntu.Ubuntu successfully installed and had to restart the machine so that I can boot windows. Trouble started.Windows 7 couldnt boot and only showed  a blue screen that disappears immediately. I realized that Widows has crashed. Upon trying to reinstall windows,it wont read the drive on which to be installed to and installation wont go beyond this point=( .I have tried many options including installing windows xp first so as to format the hdd but windows xp also wont install.Instead,it brings an error message.I have also tried to format the hdd into NTFS format  using ubuntu but it refuses to format and brings 'drive already in use' error message. I am confused and frustrated.Any one with solution? please help.=(

    Saturday, January 15, 2011 9:36 AM