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  • Earlier this year multiple TechNet web pages were opened simultaneously.

    At times some web pages would have a malfunctioning right scroll bar.

    The scroll bar would move and then freeze.  A refresh was done and then the scroll bar could be moved again but only for a few mm and then would freeze again.  This was not a hang but a freeze.  

    A new Edge browser web page was opened and the URL was copied and pasted and the TechNet web page right side scroll bar moved normally.

    This computer was clean installed on 6/13/2017.

    The same problem has happened over the past week.

    Other browsers are not used on this computer.

    Ccleaner or cleaning cookies and cache has not been tried.

    Rebooting has not been tried.

    This computer is almost always on 24/7 with sleep or hibernation.

    Scannow, restorehealth, chkdsk all passed.

    A reboot can be tried only if there is a method to reliably open all windows that were open with the Edge browser. 

    So how come one or more TechNet web pages may have a malfunction right side scroll bar and all of the others work fine?

    How come the web page right side scroll bar freezes?

    How come a refresh does not fix the problem?

    How come opening a new web page with a copy and paste of the URL fixes the problem?

    What can be done so that the web pages no longer have freezing right side scroll bars?

    Monday, July 2, 2018 7:18 AM

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