bluetooth headset doesnt work with windows vista


  • hi all,

    i have purchased HP Pavillion dv6000  laptop with built in bluetooth radio. and factory installed windows vista. i am unable to connect my bluetooth headset to my laptop.

    and same bluetooth headset can connect with my desktop without any problems.....i use bluetooth USB dongle to my desktop. and it runs with windows xp....

    pls help me how to configur my bluetooth headset with HP pavillion laptop which runs windows vista




    Friday, August 17, 2007 6:09 AM

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  • Hi,



    I've exactly the same problem, however i have managed to pair the bluetooth headset to the notebook, but no audio sems to be coming out onto it....


    i have a hp pavilion dv2000 running windows vista home premium.


    best regards,




    Friday, August 24, 2007 9:09 PM
  • hi prithwish,

    could plz guide me how did u paired ur bluetooth headset with ur laptop...





    Saturday, September 01, 2007 12:09 AM
  • hi guys,

    I got a Vaio VGN-something, bluetooth radio built in, still in the 14 days return time the store gives; about to decide if it's worth what I paid for...(Running W Vista Home Premium)


    I paired my H350 hands free device with no problems,

    EXCEPT: sometimes there's an ANNOYING BLEEP every 5 secs, that intermittently interrupts whatever I'm listening to.


    It seems it has to do with SKYPE not being running/ just fine calling with skype, already made some calls.

    when you first pair, it asks if it will be used primarily with skype or a list of other services,

    shouldn't it have a third option to use it as a basic headset to listen to whatever you want to?


    although it doesn't always "bleep" it makes me think about the quality of what I bought (LapTop/Software)


    The H350 works great as an Audio Headset on my job's Dell LapTop using a Hawking's USB Bluetooth adapter, on WXP Pro. listening to anything in the LapT.


    if any one knows the solution for this intermitent "Bleep" please advise.


    thanks in advance.


    yours truly

    Thursday, January 17, 2008 5:41 AM
  • Similiar Problem. No audio. The bleeps seem to indicate some connectivity, eg. headphones disconnecting or connecting to laptop vis bluetooth. Pairs and Connects to my MB52225Defy android phone ok. Except for inbuilt FM tuner no audio through headset.

    Odd thing, pressing headset on button  starts my TV installed software on laptop

    What I did so far.

    1.Changed some  settings in network sharing to allow greater connectivity.

    Start button > Settings > control panel > network and sharing > Sharing and Discovery

    2, Get Laptop to Discover, pair and connect to blue tooth headset.


    Go to Start button > Settings >control panel > bluetooth Devices >

    Dialog box will list Headset when discovered with oter bluetooth devices such as your mobile phone

    Now to configure settings

    bluetooth settings >

    options tab  check boxes 1,2,3, for discovery of headset > 

    share tab. checked box allow remote devices to send music etc...

    Audio Tab  hesdset should appear if detected. Press connect button on handsfree icon and headset icon. make sure Headset is scanning.

    4. Then I turned on the Headset and set it to be discovered for pairing

    5. Review the list of Bluetooth Devices and connected the headset in the Audio tab

    So far so good. bluetooth device lists, pairs connects, bleeps to confirm... but no audio.

    Devices  tab note bluetooth version 2.0. for later device firmware upgrade >


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