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  • Hello world,

    I've got a question that came up as a result of my curiosity. I've noticed over time how some NIC drivers have vlanID as an option under hardware config, particularly Broadcom and Intel. However, I have also noticed many that do not, including Realtek and Marvell, as an example. The question I started asking around (on Bing, not Google) was something to the effect of "Does there exist a virtual VLAN intermediate driver for NDIS 6.0 devices that can make ALL NICs (WLAN, LAN, Bluetooth, WPAN, WWAN, etc) capable of handling 802.1Q vlan tagging?"

    I would think most of the intelligence in vlan tagging is software driven, and can be made agnostic of the physical adapter, except for the inclusion that the physical adapter must support L3(?) switching, if my memory serves me. So my next question then is, does something like this exist, will it for Windows 8, and if it is even possible, why has nobody come out with this yet?

    I even recall reading how with NDIS 5ish it is set somewhere in a registry key to set the vlan tag. Again, if it isn't dependent on that NIC, why can't we universally set this? Or does it always require the manufacturer to include this support all the time, and if they do not, then "tough bananas"?

    I know looking at Dell computers, there is no telling what NIC you'll get in your PC at times, unless all were ordered in bulk specifically stating they needed Intel NICs. Since Microsoft has done a great job making Windows more universal across hardware - also at the help of the manufacturer's creation of the driver - I'd think MS would want to include virtual drivers like this to support this level of networking across multiple devices. Perhaps I am just chasing something that really doesn't matter, or I am pursuing this the wrong way, though.



    Wednesday, August 08, 2012 12:45 PM

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