Remote Desktop Web Connection - Windows 7 SP1 with remoteFX


  • I wrote an application about 2 years ago that allows users to use the tsweb activex control (version 6.1 I believe) to connect to their desktop through our clientless SSL VPN portal (Cisco ASA WebVPN)  The user connects to the SSL VPN and clicks the "Connect to your computer" link.  A web page opens up that displays their computer (it searches active directory based on the description of the computer which contains their name, and matches it to their SAMAccountName lookup of their first and last name)  From there, it pings the computer and makes sure that it is online.  When they click the connect button, it redirects to a page that runs the activeX RDP web client to connect to their computer. 

    BTW, I do this all by computer to computer connection - the only server involved is the one that has the activeX client on it for them to download.   Again, this is all running 6.1 ActiveX RDP TSweb client.

    With the advent of remoteFX (multiple screens, better silverlight/video performance), will microsoft be releasing a version of this activeX that can take advantage of remoteFX for windows 7 SP1?  As of right now, everything seems to be backwards compatible, which means SP1 won't break my app.  But it would be really cool if this could be exposed via activeX. 


    Spencer Williams
    Friday, February 11, 2011 10:49 PM