Automate VirtualPC VM Setup


  • I getting ready to do a refresh project to replace a bunch of old hardware with new Windows 7 Desktops/Laptops.  I still have to support some older custom applications that will not run in Windows 7 so I decided to use an XP Virtual Machine.  Is there a way to automate the setup of a Virtual Machine on each of the new computers I deploy?  Here are some details on what I have to work with:

    • I have a custom installation of XP already setup and syspreped as a .vhd on each of the new Win7 machines located at "c:\Virtual Machine".  Once booted the mini setup completes without user interaction and leaves the user at the local admin account.  
    • I currently create the settings file manually by clicking "Create Virtual Machine" in Virtual PC.  I assign it 1GB RAM and point it to the existing .vhd.

    Here is what I need to end up with:

    • Need to get the settings (.vmcx) file created  and launch the VM without any user input.  I'm getting ready to deploy hundreds of these machines and having to manually do this is not possible. 

    Is this even possible?  

    Thursday, March 29, 2012 1:03 PM


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