Internet Connection error in windows 7


  • I have installed windows 7 and then i had not success to connect internet. I have try for everything, but failur.  unfortunatly TODAY I my internet explorer connected to internet I have active windows 7 . then i have surfing, mailing etc. I delete adapter of my internet connectin, then also my pc connected to the net.  after some time i have updated windows 7. for updating process My PC need to restart. I have restart and then I have lost my Internet Connection.
    I have not know by which setting my pc was connected to internet. after then I have more try again to connect internet. but I am Fail.

    Please help me.

    Ya ! My LAN Card is Working 100% properly. now I am using My Vista OS in which internet Connected Successfully.
    Sunday, July 26, 2009 6:28 PM