Existing file on shared drive is not visible over network to several machines however is visible to others. Other files/folders are visible after deletion.


  • We have a machine that we store all our office data files on. It is shared so that any computer on the network can access it with full privelages. A folder on the network has an excel spreadsheet and other files that we keep track of current and past jobs in. My computer with Win 7 OS (64 bit) can access the folder and it shows files that are up to date dated 4/15/2011. Another machine on the same network Win 7 OS (32 bit) when accessing the same folder and other files in the directory it shows the same files but with a prior date 3/6/2010. So it is basically looking at a previous date of the same file and when the file is opened it shows a log of all jobs input up to that date, 3/6/2010. It looks like that file (an older phantom file) actually exists, even though there is an updated/current file in the folder but not visible to that computer. I have deleted the drive maping and remaped with no change. I have enabled the guest profile and tried to access it throught guest and no change. I have opened windows explorer instead of Total Commander to see if it might be a program issue and there was on change.

    We have a similar issue that I think is related to the issue just explained. We deleted some files and folders on the machine that stores our office data files. When you log on to that particular machine you can see that the files no longer exist (have been deleted). When I access the drive from another Win 7 OS machine over the network the folders and files still show up on the drive but are not accessible (of course not they have been deleted). If I try to access the same drive over the network with a Win XP machine the folders and files do not show up (as expected since they have been deleted). We noticed this issue after we relabled numerous folders on that drive. We now have numerous duplicate folders for each job (with altered names of course). Not pretty. It gets confusing trying to remember which folders are the deleted ones and which ones are newly created and actually hold data files. We need this resolved. These folders hold all our AutoCAD job files for our engineering firm and are accessed numerous times daily for long periods.

    Monday, April 18, 2011 5:48 PM

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  • We don't have a "real" server as you are accustomed too. We are using a machine on our network with a big hard drive that is shared to everyone as our "server". We have a simple peer to peer network some machines operating with XP and some operating with Windows 7. The "psuedo server" machine has Windows 7. The issue described above is between the "psuedo server - Win 7) and other Win 7 machines on the peer to peer network. The "psuedo server" is a AMD 64 bit architecture. What other information can I put together for you?
    Monday, April 18, 2011 9:13 PM
  • Not sure how to respond to your infinite amount of wisdom used to resolve my problem. I guess a simple "Thanks" will have to do.
    Monday, April 18, 2011 9:49 PM
  • Oh its not a matter of cost. Its more a matter of a half hearted effort on Microsofts part of creating software that should perform at a certain standard and doesn't because they are too eager to enhance their bottom line. I have perused the internet and we are not the only one that has this problem and they are just as frustrated. They are even more frustrated by the help they have received by Microsoft Gurus who apparently don't understand the issue themselves. It truly is easier to ignore a problem than deal with it in many cases and I guess this issue is one of them. Thanks in advance.

    Monday, April 18, 2011 11:57 PM
  • There is no way that this question is answered. This is nothing more than a passover of my problem and moving on to easier questions that can be answered from a standard generic solution pool. I still have files that do not exist on another machine on our network that still show up in my Windows Explorer and Total Commander as still being there. I am constantly trying to access these files by mistake as there are renamed very similar files adjacent to them. Why do deleted files on another machine still show up as being available over the network? An answer would be appreciated. Even something to check would be appreciated. Not a blow off as being "Answered". I don't want to revert to Dos or use Linux or Leopord or some other OS, we paid good money for Windows 7 on numerous machines in our office and have this problem on two machines that I know of and deserve to have it resolved. Why not find someone who can help us out? You created the problem and sold it too us as part of the Windows 7 package so solve it. Please!
    Wednesday, April 27, 2011 7:23 PM
  • I went to your Windows IT Forum and looked at the "Windows Share" problem viewed over 400 times. I don't see it as a share issue (is that what you wanted me to look at)?. We have been using Win 7 on that machine (psuedo-server) and sharing two separate partitions on that hard drive with everyone in the company and never had a single problem. Folders are created by anyone, files are accessed and revised and saved daily in numerous directories/folders and there are no glitches. For some reason there are two machines mine and the companys President that have this issue. We have "full" access to all the folders and files on the hard drive, we just have the deleted directories that still show up and you can access all the folders down the directory tree to a single file and it appears as if they are there. You click on it to view or access it and you get an error. You go to the server machine (psuedo-server) with the hard drive and the phantom folder/files and look for the folder/files they do not exist, because they have been deleted weeks ago. This seems more like a memory management issue (just my 2 cents and I am no MVP or any other MV). This issue is floating around the internet and nobody has a solution for it. I would hope you would want to be the first to conquer this problem. Thy might event give you your sixth medal up there if you did. I would vote for you! Help Please?
    Wednesday, April 27, 2011 8:09 PM