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  • Recently I have upgraded my System from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Since then I recognized several usability issues.

    1. Where are the tasks from programs in the taskbar? For example this screenshot [1]. It shows Outlook 2013. Normally this application has got some tasks like new mail, appointment, etc. Not there anymore.
    2. If the Windows Media Player is open the context menu from the Media Player shows the recent played files. I can't remove single items from this list by right clicking anymore. The context menu does only offer "open" not remove anymore. But on the other hand the Windows Explorer e.g. offers this option. The Media Player does not offer pinning and unpin and remove recently played items. [3]
    3. Managing VPN connections is incredibly laborious. Take a look at this documentation [2] what steps are needed to create a L2TP/PSK IPSEC connection. In addition to that the connection list from the network-tray icon does show a VPN connection. But it doesn't offer a connection option when clicking on it. When clicking on it opens another VPN list.
    4. Using the search bar in the taskbar (aka Cortana) and searching for documents does not work in my case. My documents are redirected to my user network drive (U:\). But opening the Windows Explorer and redo the search from there indeed does work. Making the documents offline (so that they are in the index) does not change anything.
    5. When the computer is joined in a AD-Domain and a WSUS is used the adding of optional features does not work. When I want to add new optional features the corresponding window shows the message that there are no features to install. And the PowerShell command for opional features does not show the same optional features than this list. I can't install the other spelling dictionaries through the PowerShell. This is a problem because you are not able to add other spelling directories. I tried using the system policy which says that components should be downloaded through Windows Update directly. This does not change anything. In addition the Domain Administrator user "Administrator" is not able to open this settings properly because error messages with access problems occur.




    Thursday, September 3, 2015 12:22 PM

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  • You may use Feedback App which build into Windows 10 to report these issues.
    Thursday, September 3, 2015 11:31 PM