Blue Screen of Death (DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL tcpip.sys)


  • Hey guys!
    I'm getting one of those darned ol' blue screens of death. This is a computer mostly comprised of newer parts, but the RAM and such have checked out fine. I should also mention that I've only encountered this crash whenever I'm downloading something on Steam using this (I've left the computer pre-loading only to come back and find it crashed some point later).

    I realize that tcpip.sys seems to come up often (from Google, at least), but it seems to sometimes be a false-positive. It *might* be related in mine, but that's why I'm here for advice! I'm attaching my dump file to this comment. I've been trying to read the dump using Windbg, but keep running in to mismatching symbol issues; not sure why.

    Anyhow, I am attaching it here using Sendspace. Any help would be great. Thanks!

    Monday, May 13, 2013 11:11 PM

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  • We do need the actual DMP file as it contains the only record of the sequence of events leading up to the crash, what drivers were loaded, and what was responsible.
    You may be able to get the DMP files without crashing by booting into safe mode (F8) with networking.
    If you are overclocking stop.  (chances are if you dont know if you are, you are not)a
    To enable us to assist you with your computer's BSOD symptoms, upload the contents of your "\Windows\Minidump" folder.  We need at least 2 DMP FILES to diagnose and confirm

    The procedure:

    * Copy the contents of \Windows\Minidump to another (temporary) location somewhere on your machine.
    * Zip up the copy.
    * Attach the ZIP archive to your post using the "paperclip" (file attachments) button. (if available on  your site, MS doesnt have this)
     *Please upload them to a file sharing service like Skydrive or"Rapidshare" and put a link to them in your reply.
    Link for how to  upload below.

    To ensure minidumps are enabled:

    * Go to Start, in the Search Box type: sysdm.cpl, press Enter.
    * Under the Advanced tab, click on the Startup and Recovery Settings... button.
    * Ensure that Automatically restart is unchecked.
    * Under the Write Debugging Information header select Small memory dump (256 kB) in the dropdown box (the 256kb varies).
    * Ensure that the Small Dump Directory is listed as %systemroot%\Minidump.
    * OK your way out.
    * Reboot if changes have been made.

    Please also run MSinfo32 and upload the output as well.
    To run MSinfo32 please go to start>run>MSinfo32
    Go to "file" "save" and upload the saved file with the DMP

    To run MSinfo32 please go to start>run>MSinfo32
    Go to "file" "save" and upload the saved file with the DMPS

    System specs are extremely useful so please include whatever you know.

    Wanikiya & Dyami--Team Zigzag

    Tuesday, May 14, 2013 2:32 AM
  • Hi,


    The link about the dump file is unable to access. I suggest you upload to skydrive for us to download according to the following link.

    Before we could get your Minidump files, you can check following:


    1. Update your BIOS, chipset and the drivers

    2. Scan the system to check for the virus

    3. Test the issue in Clean Boot and Safe Mode


    Hope this helps.

    Vincent Wang
    TechNet Community Support

    Wednesday, May 15, 2013 3:31 AM
  • Sorry about the delay!!149&authkey=!AKgep-ZKaR-PUcM

    The RAR has two DMP files and my system info. Also, I've got up-to-date BIOS, Chipset, & Drivers.

    Friday, May 17, 2013 1:38 AM