Windows 7 and Samba


  • I have an AD domain. A user was on XP and had a drive mapped to a Samba share on a ScoUnix server (which will be going away in a few months, thankfully). She maps the drive using a different set of credentials than her domain account, but the drive maps fine. In Windows XP she had no issues. I recently upgraded her to Windows XP Pro x64 and now when she maps the drive it won't allow her to create a folder on the mapped drive over 8 characters. The odd thing is, if she just browses to the share (i.e. \\servername\sharename) rather than accessing the mapped drive, it allows her to create whatever length folder name she wants.

    Anyone else ever see this or have a fix for it?

    Stan Ramsey

    Wednesday, March 21, 2012 1:38 PM

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