Vista Ease of Access / Locale/Language selection


  • Hi All

    I currently have a windows server 2008 Domain controller serving roughly 30 Vista clients. All is good although some users are changing the ease of access and language options from the logon screen and in turn this is effecting other users logging in at a later date. Has anyone managed to remove the Ease of access and local / languages button (Displayed only when multiple languages are installed) from the login screen. After doing some googling on this subject it seems that a 3rd party application has been developed to disable this but I am after either a group policy based solution or a registry fragment I can deploy to the workstations.

    Any info would be good info as im sure this is possible and it seems there are many other people all wanting the same thing.

    Thanks in advance community :-)
    Friday, August 07, 2009 9:48 AM