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  • Hi - I've been asked to deploy Python 3.8 for 8 of our students. Python itself is not a problem, deploying it with sufficient security is the issue.

    These are students who require careful supervision to ensure they don't overstep boundaries. I want to make sure they get the opportunity for an introduction to programming. Their teacher just wants to give them some basics - such as scripting to automate tasks, not web development or anything more complex. After looking into a few possibilities, Windows Sandbox looks like a solution.

    I've prototyped it on one machine (W10 Pro), and it's looking OK. One drawback is the "clean slate" approach, they won't be able to save anything within the sandboxed environment, but it appears that I can run a configuration file to give the sandbox a read/write share on our file server where they could save their work.

    Python itself will only be deployed within the sandbox, so this way, Python executables saved externally on the file server can't run, i.e. Python and its libraries won't be deployed on the laptop or server itself.

    I'll also have to screw down the security pretty tight on the save location.

    Am I heading in the right direction? I've searched for a "how to" primer on Windows Sandbox, but didn't find anything specific to this use case.

    Deploying Python directly on the student laptops is *not* an option.  I know it's available from the store, I looked into that, but the MS Store isn't available from within the sandbox, so it'll be deployed using the Windows installer from

    Bernie Dwyer Clarity Computing Services

    Sunday, October 27, 2019 12:40 AM

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