Install Windows 7 x64 in UEFI mode using USB pen drive


  • I have read in many blogs and forums about how to use a USB pen drive as a setup disc to install Windows Vista and Windows 7 (using diskpart to partition the pen drive, creating the necessary bootsector and copying all the files from the setup dvd to the pen drive). But this method works only for BIOS based installation. I need help in installing Windows 7 (or Vista) x64 as UEFI based installation using a USB pen drive as the setup disc(as it is faster than a dvd). Does anyone know of any similar method to achieve this?
    Note: I have already successfully installed Windows 7 x64 (Build 7127) in UEFI mode using the DVD. I might try this new method to install maybe the future builds or the RTM release as and when they are released.
    Monday, June 08, 2009 6:09 PM


  • Hi Keshav PR

    These forums only support the official Release Candidate (RC) Build 7100 and Beta Build 7000.

    Please see the following thread for a more detailed description of this policy.

    Windows 7 Unofficial Builds

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    Thanks for understanding.

    Ronnie Vernon MVP
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    Monday, June 08, 2009 7:34 PM