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  • Hello,

    so I have a DELL XPS laptop with Windows 10 and few weeks ago I had disabled Bitlocker on the boot disk in order to make a firmware update.

    (Completely disabled, the disk was unencrypted and the process took a while).

    Then yesterday I decided to enable Bitlocker again. It gave me a new recovery key (that I printed and saved online) and asked me to reboot. I did not reboot immediately as I finished some tasks - but I have the impression that disk encryption did not even start. Note that during reboot Windows applied some automatic updates.

    So after this first reboot, the blue Bitlocker screen appears asking for the Recovery Key... and after putting the key, few seconds later it brings me to a second blue screen, slightly different, asking again the recovery key... and when I put the correct key it says "failed to unlock with this key". I am absolutely sure that the key is the correct one, also checking the key ID. (And of course I repeated the whole process at least 10 times before posting, also talking on the phone with Dell support)

    I also went to the Advanced options, Command prompt, to try manage-bde tool, and it always tells me that it cannot unlink with that key.

    What can I do??

    (In principle I have Windows backup on an external disk, and all my important data is on the cloud, but it is absurd that I cannot access a disk which is probably still unencrypted, just because Windows thinks that it is encrypted...)

    Thursday, November 21, 2019 6:04 PM

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