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  • Thank you for posting in TechNet forums. If this is the first time for you to ask questions in TechNet, here are several tips to help you monitor your thread and resolve the issue efficiently.

    Before you ask a question:

    1.Compose a good title which can summarize your question concisely and clearly.

    A good title should be with a stand-out topic and the certain error message or the obvious symptom of the issue. Make sure to be brief, you don't have to put all the details in the title.

    You can write like “What happens on your PC with what error message or error code”, or “what is a”, or “How do I implement or realize something”, or “What keeps on doing something weird” …

    Good examples:
    -Updates are available - Downloading updates stuck on 0% for 2 weeks since Anniversary update released.
    -Skype for Business Mac Client doesn't record correct time in Outlook Conversation History
    -How to identify system is going to which sleep states?
    -Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting after upgrading to Windows 10
    Bad examples:
    -Anniversary Update Failed
    -BitLocker encryption in Event Viewer
    -Windows 10 problem
    -Recently restored Windows 10

    2.Provide all the necessary information in your initial post including symptom, environment, recent changes, error message, screenshots for the issue, and the steps you have done for troubleshooting.

    3.Choose proper sub-forum according to your question category. For example, if your question is related to Windows setup, please choose Installation, Setup and Deployment forum (see the picture below):

    After you ask a question:

    Please closely monitor and follow up in time on your thread. This includes not only respond to other’s clarification, but also actively share the testing result and what you found more on the issue. When you do this, your thread also benefits others who are experiencing the similar issue. Here are more things for making a good communication and answering the question in the forum.

    1.Subscribe the Email notifications from

    When communities, MVPs, or our support engineers post a reply or propose an answer to your question, an automatic email reminder will be sent to your registered mailbox in TechNet. We strongly recommend you to subscribe the alerts in My Settings page, and check the latest update in email.

    Here's a picture for configuring Alert emails in My settings page.

    2.Follow up your threads

    If the issue is resolved by no matter others or yourself:
    We’d like to receive your positive feedbacks. If you are the original poster, it is highly recommended to click "Mark as Answer" on the helpful post/reply whether from yourself, a Microsoft employee, an MVP, or the community in general. In doing so, it will benefit all community members who face similar issues. Your contribution is highly appreciated.

    If the issue persists after you try the provided suggestions:
    It’s better to answer the clarified questions and provide the useful information you found during the test, so others can do further troubleshooting based on the information.

    For more questions about how to make good use of this Forum, please refer to this FAQ:

    If you have any feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, please send email to this address:

    Reken Liu

    Thursday, January 5, 2017 9:25 AM