Installing Old HP OfficeJet Pro 1175cxi with W7

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  • Successfully installed HP OfficeJet Pro 1175cxi in W7

    Not totally sure how I did it because I kept trying several combinations but it is installed and working. I will try to recreate my approach.

    1.       Downloaded NT driver for the printer from:    I actually down loaded and installed 3 of the files so I am not totally sure which one worked.  I keep thinking it wasn’t working but I needed to REBOOT my system for the install to take affect.

    2.       Another complication was the fact that the OfficeJet Pro 1175cxi is a parallel port printer and the new motherboards and my laptop (which I am using for W7) doesn’t have a parallel port connector. So I used a Parallel to USB cable.  Upon boot-up, the computer did detect the printer but wasn’t sure what it was. It installed another copy of my default printer.

    3.       Next I went to Devices and Printers and right clicked on the new printer and went to “printer Properties”. Don’t go just to “Properties” because it gives you an abbreviated menu. The first thing I did was to correct the name of the printer and used OfficeJet Pro 1175cxi. 

    4.       Next I opened ports and made sure the USB002 virtual printer port was checked.  My default printer is on USB001.

    5.       In the same printer properties window, I opened the “Advanced “ tab. In the advanced tab, there is a “Driver” window.  I opened this window and found the driver for HP DeskJet 1125c.  Now here is where it is confusing. I don’t know if this is one of the drivers that I downloaded in step 1 or it was already there.  But I picked it as my driver and exited my screens.  I rebooted for good luck and when the computer came back up printed a document and it look good.

    The reason I am reporting this is because there be other older printers out there that will also work on W7.  Having these notes (although pretty poor) may help someone else.

    Tuesday, June 02, 2009 6:37 PM