BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO - How do i fix this ?


  • Technical Information is:

    STOP: 0x00000074 .....etc

    I decided to follow this guys instructions to making my computer boot faster but it lead to this error.

    I set the timeout settings to 5 seconds, the processors to max and the memory to max as well. 

    This lead to this error. Remembering back the first time I did this using all of the processors my computer actually seemed to slow down somewhat, then when I tried it again, instead of it allowing me to pick from 1-8 processors when clicked it stated that I could only use 1. I'm not sure if this helps with the situation but, I have a lot of important stuff on that computer and I really don't want to lose it. Please help with my situation, please and thank you. 

    Tuesday, May 08, 2012 2:38 AM


  • Hi,

    Firstly, I suggest you try system restore if you have a restore point.

    If no restore point available, you can go to Safe Mode and change the boot settings back to check result.

    Also, you can try bcdedit by getting rid of the parameters for number of processors (numproc) and max memory (truncatememory).

    In elevated command prompt, type:

    bcdedit/deletevalue {default} numproc
    bcdedit/deletevalue {default} truncatememory

    After that, please use System File Checker tool to scan the system files if you used ccleaner.

    Hope this helps

    Vincent Wang

    TechNet Community Support

    Thursday, May 10, 2012 2:02 AM

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