Product Activation Error 0x80090006


  • Hi,

    I have my parents old HP that is running XP.  I just recently installed SP3 and no I can't log in.  It says that ther was a product activation error.  It has a legal version of windows, so that is not it.  I search the internet for help ( I should have started here, my bad) and found this answer:


    Error code 0x80090006
    This problem occurs because the drive letter has changed.

    Workaround for error code 0x80090006:

    Boot into Safe Mode.

    Then go to Start > Run and type: regsvr32 regwizc.dll , and hit enter.
    Then go again to Start > Run and type: regsvr32 licdll.dll , and hit enter again.

    Apparently, and I can't say how, the above files became unregistered.

    I followed these instructions, restart my computer and no luck.  I tried to do as Microsoft suggested, but now I can't even start it in safe mode.  It tries, then it lists the files and freezes.  I have to manually shut it down to get it to do anything.  I hope I didn't completely screw it up.  When I searched for the two commands above, everyone said they are obsolete.  So why does it now prevent me from starting in Safe Mode?


    Please help, anyone, I am going crazy!  I called HP, but because the computer is a few years old it is out of waranty and they want $59 to help.  UHG!!!  It is kinda BS that Microsoft does this.  They screw it up, then charge me to fix it,  SNEAKY!!  Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated!!!  So thanks in advance.



    Very Frusterated, Keslie




    Sunday, July 06, 2008 2:34 AM

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