Can't Access SATA Hard Drive using USB Adaptor


  • I cannot get my Windows 7 x64 laptop to access my SATA Hard Drive connected via a USB adaptor. Upon connecting for the first time or after you have uninstalled the USB Mass Storage device, it successfully installs the drivers. But you cannot see the drive listed in "My Computer" nor access it.
    If you go to Disk Management the drive is acknowledged but offline. I had no problem accessing an IDE drive connected via a USB adapter that was made by the same manufactorer that makes the SATA to USB I am using.
    I have read/wrote to this SATA drive and USB adaptor plugged in several other machines using Vista and XP.
    My SATA to USB adaptor: 
    Thursday, June 03, 2010 12:35 AM


  • Hi,


    Please also check the following:


    1.    Can other computers access this SATA hard drive in this way?


    2.    Check if this computer can access the SATA hard drive when the hard drive is plugged to the computer with the SATA cable and connecting to the motherboard directly.


    3.    Ensure the adapter and its driver are compatible with Windows 7.


    If the issue persists, please install Windows XP Mode and see if the hard drive can be accessed in it:


    Download Windows XP Mode


    USB Architecture in Windows Virtual PC


    Considering this issue is also related to specific device, it is also recommended that you contact the support of its manufacture for help.


    Hope this helps. Thanks.


    Nicholas Li - MSFT
    Friday, June 04, 2010 7:06 AM