Error message while trying to use the system file checker


  •  I had a bad virus which corrupted some of my system files. I got think that im rid of the virus, ive used several good scanners to check. but the problem is, when I tried to run the system file checker via cmd prompt, I get an error message thats a code  " 0x000006ba "  "The RPC server is unavailable" . does anyone know what causes this error, or how to fix. after I cleaned up my system, I wasnt able to log on to the desktop from the logon screen. when Id try id get an error message telling me that the "userinit.exe" couldnt be found. I used a boot disk that i had that had a base of the xp operating system ( which is the operating system that im having problems with / XPsp3 ) and used a file manager on the boot disk to copy the "userinit.exe" to the system32 folder. I was able to log on the desktop after that, but im still having problems with several other sysytem files. Im wondering if copying the file that way caused a problem for one thing, and how to fix the problem with the system file checker error
    Tuesday, July 07, 2009 4:03 PM