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  • When you get your product key from TechNet Pro for Windows 8 Enterprise, you have only one product key available, but it also says "Multiple Activations" under it.    So I was wondering, what exactly does that mean?   As we will be testing Windows 8 on different PCs and reinstalling it multiple times, I wanted to know how many times it could be activated.    Below is a chat I had with a "TechNet Concierge".    Did not really get a definitive answer, but it is more than I knew.

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    Ice: Hello and welcome to the TechNet Online Concierge, Ukon.  How may I assist you today?
    ME: Hi. Windows 8 Enterprise x64 - there is only one product key available, but it says "multiple activations". As we will be testing this OS, and will need to install it multiple times, what exactly does "multiple activations" mean?
    Ice: Multiple activations means you may use the same key to install Windows 8 on multiple different machines.
    ME: Right - that I get, but how many times?
    ME: 3, 5, 10...?
    Ice: As far as I know, more than 10.
    ME: OK - What if we are using one reference PC for Win8 Enterprise, and will be re-installing on that same PC, multiple times - does each activation on the same PC count?
    Ice: In this scenario, the activation will not count against the 'multiple activation' limit, if there is no hardware change on the same PC,
    ME: OK - and one last question - what is the grace period for activation, once the OS has been installed? We are already seeing a faint reminder on the desktop saying to activate - after 1 day.
    Ice: Let me check. One moment please.
    ME: OK
    Ice: The grace period of Windows 8 Enterprise activation is 10 days.
    Ice: Did you install it 9 days ago?
    ME: no. today.
    ME: So it is probably just a little nag reminder to activate. I am guessing it will get less faint over time.
    Ice: I'd suggest you to activate it as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues.
    ME: OK. Thanks for helping - appreciate it.
    Ice: My pleasure. May I know if there is anything else I could help you with at this moment?
    ME: No - that is it :)
    Ice: Have a nice day, Ukon.
    Ice: Thank you for using the TechNet Online Concierge. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Please feel free to come back again.
    ME: u2 - bye.

    Sunday, August 19, 2012 12:20 PM

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  • My MAK key had 19 activations - argh!. If you use VAMT to activate installations you can check the number of activations left for your key. Mine is down to 17 now :(

    Windows 7 Enterprise used to have 500 activations, as did win 2008. I think Win7 MAK-keys also has 19 activations from now on.

    Anyone care to shed any light on why on earth someone thought no-one was ever going to activate more than 19 clients in the lab? Sure, with VAMT I can re-image and "reuse" the activation, but still only on 19 different (physical) machines. Not sure about virtual clones.

    Sunday, August 19, 2012 5:56 PM
  • Hi Ukon

    See the following FAQ.

    Microsoft Volume Licensing - Frequently Asked Questions About Product Activation:


    Sunday, August 19, 2012 9:08 PM
  • I've noticed that the Windows 8 Enterprise/Professional MAK VL activations are set to a low (20) max limit - & once these are used "a limit increase" request will be required! Thanks for the "Microsoft Volume Licensing - Frequently Asked Questions about Product Activation" link with some useful info!

    Xen Ovid-Sophron-Naso

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