Desktop won't load on Windows 7, Safe Mode EXTREMELY slow.


  • I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7. A hint to me that something was wrong: my laptop has a camera built into the system w/ facial recognition technology. Starting yesterday, the FastAccess window that appears at the log in screen had moved to the very left of the screen...usually it is in the middle. When I enter my password and log in, Windows successfully signs me in but does not load explorer. The screen simply goes dark gray, and nothing happens. After forcing a shut-down of the system with the power button, I start the system in Safe Mode. When loading all the drivers, it hangs on CLASSPNP.sys for quite a few seconds and loads Safe Mode. It is extremely slow and stops responding after a few seconds. My mouse still works, but all my windows fail to respond. After again restarting my system in Safe Mode (this time with command prompt) the load again hangs on CLASSPNP.sys then continues to load and pulls up the cmd prompt. When I run Windows Task Manager, I don't see any User processes I don't recognize, but the task manager will stop responding after a few seconds but the cmd prompt still responds. Could this be a virus that has infected parts of my core computer or a system file that has gone bad since even safe mode isn't working?


    Using the task manager's "run new task" + "browse," I have managed to use a DVD to copy all important files to a different system and scan them with Anti-Malware Bytes to make sure they're safe (Copying to a disk was a very slow and unresponsive process, however, that took nearly 6 hours for 4GB.) At this point, there's nothing extremely important left on my laptop. If anyone can offer help, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

    Saturday, May 15, 2010 6:01 PM