How to i connect and sync my Windows Phone 7 to Windows 8 Pro ?


  •  Under Windows 7 I used 'Zune' in order to synchronize content (pictures, music, and postcasts) between my desktops and Windows 7 phones.  I now upgraded a desktop to Windows 8 Pro and installed the 'Zune' software (4.8) and it loaded libraries as expected.  I had to reenter podcast subscriptions.  Next I plugged in a Windows 7 phone (Samsung Focus AT&T) and Windows 8 downloaded and installed a driver.  The Zune software never started up.  I manually started the Zune software and NOTHING happens - it appears to be an instant crash ... however, Zune worked yesterday.  So I guess Windows Phone 7 is not supported by Windows 8 Pro yet ?

    How can I sync Window 8 content with a Windows 7 Phone ?

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:22 AM


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