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  • Hi guys,

    We have an SCCM environment on build 1810 and are deploying applications to the clients / some user- and mostly device-based app deployments. Clients are Windows 10 1709 to 1903.

    Since few months some of our clients try to reinstall the deployed applications again and again, but after a successful installation (exit code 0, everything seems okay) the applications are not detected. On affected clients this is happening for all client deployed applications, on user-level deployed applications the detection method works.

    In Software Center you can see error -> "Failed - Retry"

    I can confirm that applications are installed and detection methods ranges from File, Registry to MSI detection. which are working on most clients. I´m sure it´s not the detection method itself because some of the applications are working since 1 year or more and only few clients are affected, but since many users are in Home Office / connected via VPN there are more and more clients in this situation.


        Process 27108 terminated with exitcode: 0

        Looking for exit code 0 in exit codes table...

        Matched exit code 0 to a Success entry in exit codes table.

        Performing detection of app deployment type "Application XxXx...."

    +++ Application not discovered. [AppDT Id: ScopeId_xXxX..."


        Performing detection of app deployment type xXxXx.... for system

    +++ Application not discovered. [AppDT Id: ScopeId_xXxX...

    +++ Did not detect app deployment type xXxX.... for system

    For the user its annoying since a Java Reinstall closes Web Broser and so on...

    If connected via VPN, i see the internal and VPN IPs in the properties of affected device in SCCM.

    On more than 3 clients I have seen problems with name resolution, so i was not able to ping the client ,but on nslookup the correct IP was displayed or vice versa - was able to ping but the IP was pointing to another client.

    After a "Recreate Repository" with tool "SCCM Client Center", which rebuilds the WMI repository and performs an Agent Repair on the affected client - the applications are correctly recognized as detected in the logs and in Software Center.

    The problem is that on the same client the same issue occurs again after a few days...

    Why are apps deployed on users recognized as installed, but not apps deployed to clients? And what could be the thing to search for that all affected clients have in common?

    Thanks and kind regards,


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  • Hi,

    After the application is installed, the application detection method is used again to ensure that the application was detected as installed. We can try to check the deployment status for the application in the Monitoring workspace under the Deployments node. See:

    Hope it helps.

    Best regards,

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    Friday, June 19, 2020 2:49 AM
  • Hi,

    For all the device deployed applications the detection method also works normally, checked the Compliance Status in Monitoring -> for example "Adobe Reader" -> 93,7 overall compliance

    For the affected client the error message is:

     "This application was not detected after installation completed"

    Also more than 300 other devices have this status at the moment, where the error is the same.

    The "detection method" itself works on thousand of clients, so it´s not the cause of the issue - but on affected clients the detection is not able to detect "Adobe Reader" and other applications deployed to the device.

    For application deployed to users the detection IS WORKING, only deployments on client-level have the problem on these affected clients.

    Maybe you guys know more, after reinstalling agent everything seems okay, but only for a while.

    After 2 days - 2 weeks the detection don´t work again..

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  • Hi,

    You need to check the detection method set on the deployment type and verify that it is actually correct, and that the application is indeed installed. You can also try to check whether a newer version of the application is already installed on the device.
    I have seen the following post describing a similar issue, I hope this will be helpful to you:

    Best regards,

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    Monday, June 22, 2020 3:21 AM
  • Hi Larry,

    thanks for your reply.

    The thing is, that NOT ONLY ONE application is not detected - on the affected clients 6 or more different applications get not detected by CM agent. (Adobe Reader, Flash Player, 7-Zip, LAPS etc.) All applications deployed to the device are affected (Applications deployed to users like templates for Office are detected as installed - this is the strange thing)

    But on thousands other clients the detection of these applications works.

    So this is not a problem with the "detection method" itself, configured for the application in SCCM - the actual version of the application is also installed on the client, File or MSI GUID for detection method exists and IT SHOULD WORK.

    The DETECTION  don´t work on the affected clients or may the client do not get the info from Management Point WHAT THE DETECTION METHOD IS, but i don´t see info about that in client logs.

    "Detection method" is okay, if there would be a problem more clients would have this problem.

    So i think may it´s a client / agent related issue.

    Edit: Or could it be a corrupt WMI on affected clients??

    If i rebuild the WMI Repository with "SCCM Client Center" - It´s called "Recreate Repositroy" - Description: Delete and recreate WMI repository and repair SMS Agent  R- - IT WORKS, but after a few days the same problem again and i have to "recreate WMI repository again"

    You guys know how to repair the WMI repository the best practice way?


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