using Two NICs in "Win XP sp2" vs "Win 7"


  • Hi!

    In my office working environment I was using Win XP sp2. and I was accesing my WAN through ethernet LAN connection of my PC and also using Internet through wireless modem. For accesing both network simultaneously I diverted the various traffic to specific NIC by reconfiguring the routing table using "route add" and "route delete" etc. commands in  DOS. I was using static IP, Gateway, subnet mask for my ethernet card, and manually added the outgoing traffic(for specific IPs present on my WAN) of ethernet to routing table and all remaining traffic to wireless modem. and it works perfectly for Windows XP sp2

    But when I upgraded my system to Windows 7, all things are working fine except one as explained below-

    As when I accesing a site (on my WAN network) which checks the incoming packets for sender IP, (if packets coming from a specific IP within the range of WAN IP, it allows the access. and if sender IP is not within the range of WAN IPs it blocks the packet) is not accesible when I am using both NICs simultaneously in my PC.

    and same site is accesible when I disabled the wireless modem.

    and also one more thing, all other sites(On WAN) and all Internet sites are accesible while both ethernet and wireless NICs used simultaneously.

    This problem was not there before upgrading from Windows XP sp2 to Windows 7.

    Please help me... and tell me whats going wrong? and how can I fix this problem?

    Thanks a lot!

    Thursday, November 22, 2012 2:42 PM


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