Driver for Intermec 700C with Windows 7 Mobile Device Center


  • As part of a corporate desktop migration from XP to Window 7, we're testing apps and peripherals against the new build.  Now we have approaching a couple of thousand Intermec handhelds used by mobile sales folks, and they need to sync with their new PCs.

    When the Intermec 700C is connected via USB, we get "device not recognized, etc." unless we allow the PC to search for drivers online.  It successfully finds a driver, downloads it, and bingo - it works.  Now the driver in question shows up as Microsoft Corporation_Other Hardware_Intermec Mobile Computer.  It shows it has v6.1.6965.0 of a driver installed. 

    So far so good, but we want to install this driver as part of the base image to simplify the process of connecting these devices.  Much searching on the Microsoft has yielded no joy - can anyone tell me:
    1) What the name of the driver I am installing is;
    2) How I can download it, to install in advance.



    Wednesday, September 15, 2010 11:02 AM


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