Mode Not Supported on my TV


  • I have Windows 7 Professional x64, and a Radeon 4850 video card. I have a 52" Samsung TV hooked up via VGA. (DVI to VGA)
    When the computer restarts, I can see the computer booting on the TV, but as soon as it gets into Windows the screen goes black and says MODE NOT SUPPORTED.
    To resolve this issue, I have to take my 22" Dell flat screen monitor and plug it into the other DVI plug on the back of the video card. The monitor does not need the power plugged into it, just the DVI between the monitor and video card. As soon as I plug that second monitor in, the Samsung TV gets signal again, and then I can unplug my 22" monitor, and it stays fine, until I reboot again or unplug the TV from the computer.

    I have tried previous versions of the ATI driver, even the 8.9 as reccomended by someone else, but they are all unstable on my computer and cause BSOD/restarts every couple hours, or if the TV is unplugged. The only stable driver is the 9.12 or whatever the latest one is. And to add, the previous versions did not resolve the issue either, on booting into Windows, it would still say "Mode Not Supported"

    I am able to reproduce this error on several different TVs (computer monitors seem to work fine).

    I have had the graphics card swapped out for a brand new one, exact same model (Radeon 4850 HD)

    Same exact configuration on Vista Ultimate x64, and never had this problem. It is definitely a Windows 7 problem.

    Thanks for the help.
    Saturday, January 23, 2010 5:53 PM


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