Volume Shadow Copy Service(VSS )


  • Hi

    Can anyone suggest me how can i proceed with taking volume backup using created snapshot?

    I am new to VSS and working with VSS SDK 7.2 sample programs. Able to create the snapshot of logical drives but stuck up while taking volume backup.

    Using CopyFile to copy file by file (i.e wsprintf(sec_file,L"%s%s",props.m_pwszSnapshotDeviceObject,L"\WINDOWS\System32\Config\SECURITY");)

    Anyone suggest me to achieve backing up of logical drives volume by volume?

    Thanks in advance

    Friday, August 17, 2012 8:00 AM

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  • Hi Tom,

    I too did get an error message but it seems to have been resolved after I got some help from visiting one of the Microsoft forums (can't remember which site now!).  I am using Windows XP Svc Pack 3 and yesterday when I plugged in the C6 device (Clickfree automatic backup C6 imaging system) to back up computer after a few months, it gave me the message 'We found that during the backup, {'Volume Shadow Copy' services on this computer was not working properly.  Using this back up to repair or re-image this computer in 'EasyFix' feature will be disabled.  This back up still can be used to restore user's data in Windows'}.  It appears (from reading one of the posts on the Microsoft forums) that this message came about because I had not plugged in a USB drive that I had checked off for back up.  So I plugged in the USB drive and did a back up and this time it worked fine without any error messages.   Hope this helps.


    Sunday, August 26, 2012 8:24 PM