cannot install windows 7 32 or 64 bit !!SOLVED

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  • i have been trying to install both the 32 bit and the 64 bit for hours now, I have done a clean install, i have read through many posts on what may be causing the installation to stop at the file expansion stage, the pc then gives me a BSOD and that always states a different error, i have re downloaded the iso twice and burned it using imgburn at 2.4, verified it and still i have these errors, i was able to use 1 of the dvd's to install windows 7 on my older toshiba laptop with no problems what so ever, the pc i am having the problems with is only 3 months old, it has very good spec, 8gb ram,quad core processor etc..looks like i'l be going back to xp, i dont know what to do, i know i should have taken note of the stop errors, some of them i can remember, like MEMORY_MANAGEMENT &
    BAD POOL HEADER, with the 32 bit version it says that some of the files are missing or corrupt and it cant continue with the installation, and with the 64 bit version it just goes blue screen when it gets to the file expansion stage of the install....just my luck........

    I managed to get around this problem, I was just about to ship the pc to the supplier so that they could install windows 7 64 for me, I decided to disconnect all the sata cables and re-connect them, then i removed 6GB of ram from my pc and kept in only 2GB, then i noticed when the installation got to the file expansion stage it used to blue screen at about 11%, but it kept on going, it went to 45% and then the installation stopped but the pc did not blue screen on me, i tried again and it installed and has been working for 24 hours now, only thing is that i can only use 6GB of ram, when i put in the 8GB i get a blue screen randomly a few minutes after booting, strange, but i can live with this for a while before i go looking for further solutions, hope this might help someone having similar problems
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