Windows Vista can't connect to my network,


  • I have a Windows Vista laptop, until yesterday I was able to connect and browse my network, now the computer just shows 3 computers, it still in the same network, connecting in the same router, nothing has change in the network enviroment, i just can't browse the network, when i try to connect as \\[ipaddress] it says "network path not found", when i try \\[alias] it says "You dont have the privileges to connect" but if I run the cmd and type "ping [ipaddress]" or \\[alias] the computers respond the ping.

    The problem is just in the Laptop with Vista, the others PC's and Laptops running Win7 or XP Pro are working just fine...

    Can anyone help me out, thanks!!!

    Regards! ISC. Arturo Moctezuma.
    Tuesday, August 23, 2011 11:50 PM