View your basic network information and set up connections


  • I have a Dell Laptop running Window 7 Ultimate.   I have a Wired and a Wireless connection.  This is just a home connection over my router.  When I connect to either my Wired or Wireless connection I can get connected to the internet but nothing shows up in the "View your active Networks".   If I turn off my wireless connection, then turn it back on I will get the "Identifying in the "View your active Networks" but as soon as it connects it disappears.   I believe I am having some sort of registry problem but do not know what keys I need to look at.   I added a new usb wireless network adapter and this one works and displays perfectly.  When I select the "Active Network icon on the working usb wireless adapter and go to the "Set Network Properties" and click the merge or delete network locations, I get another error.  "Error creating a list of networks on the system."  I deleted all of the other ones thinking that this may fix my problem but that did not work.   I know that I can connect but I cannot add a homegroup until I fix the wired and wireless connections!   Thank you in advance!

    Monday, April 08, 2013 3:13 PM


  • 1. What is output from ipconfig /all  ?

    2. Try fixed values of IP, GW, MASK and DNS (try and

    3. Solve one path and then another, not all at once.

    4. Use network drivers from Dell (and not from MS update).

    5. Share your findings from Event log(s).



    Monday, April 08, 2013 7:22 PM