Windows 7: failure to configure updates, reverting changes. Sits on two loops:


  • Last night my Laptop told me I needed an update (around six to seven in total). I allowed for them to install themselves, finish installing. I then allowed for it to restart, shut itself down. The normal steps you take for letting your system install the said updates. A day or two before this, I had to install some updates, as well (not sure if that has anything to do with it now). Anyways, Windows 7 booted up, then went onto a please wait, preparing to configure updates. After failing on two attempts (it reverted back to old settings, I believe, then shut down and booted, trying again) I was welcomed with the login user page (typing your password in, etc).


    Anyways, I've looked up the Troubleshooter 'advice' regarding any repairs to failed updates, hoping it'll provide some 'luck' for me. Sadly, it didn't happen - although something new changed. While it booted back up, saying it was preparing to configure updates, it actually had a status back this time, going from 37% done to around 40% something. It was quick, however, to change back onto 'failure to configure updates' and the cycle happened twice, once more. Below, I've posted some screen shots of the 'failed' updates and which ones are wanting to install themselves.


    Now, I want to know if there is a way to resolve this issue. A few things I'll add, as well. I am NOT a computer wizard, so back door, OS and such else is computer language I cannot understand, so please do not provide me with information telling me to follow steps regarding editing OS or Scripts here and there. I'm not 'skilled' nor confident in my abilities to do so. Second, I've followed most (if not all) safe ways in which I can resolve this issue. I thought about perhaps installing them in, one at a time. Another idea was to try and 'disable' Window updates by altering how it installs them automatically and such else. Every time now I go to turn off my Laptop, the little shield icon appears within the 'shut down' option - clearly hinting on it wishing to finish these 'updates' which are never updating themselves.


    EDIT: The error code I also get from these: 80070005.


    For any 'spec' information, see below.


    My Malware / Virus soft I use is: Online Armor, Panda Cloud, Malwarebytes and Spybot, Win Patrol.

    My Laptop is an e machines, E527 with Windows 7 Home Premium (pre-installed, brought it like this).

     System Type is a 64 bit operating system.

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  • Hi,


    Generally, the error code 80070005 is caused by incorrect permission. It indicates there may be third party software or antivirus blocking updates to install. Please let me know if you install any encryption program or use Bitlocker. Also, please make sure you logged on as Administrator account.


    It is not recommend installing multiple antivirus at the same time. Please uninstall first and perform clean boot to check the result. If the issue persists, please run SFC and System Update Readiness Tool, then let me know the result of the logs.


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