Archiving (Autoarchive and Archive Settings) not available in Outlook 2007 after Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade


  • After I upgraded from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate, Outlook 2007 no longer even has the Archive option installed--anywhere. My archive folders are still there, and I use Mailbox Cleanup to search for old items and then Tools to manually move them to the Archive folders, but I can't restore them if needed and, of course, I can no longer auto-archive.

    Another issue (for another topic) is that Outlook is now extremely, painfully slow when switching between folders.

    Has anyone else encountered these issues, and does anyone know of a patch on the way? I don't delete anything (and have often been thankful for that), so I need the archiving feature.


    Friday, December 17, 2010 2:14 PM


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