Missing Fonts After Creators Update Installed


  • To get ahead of the whole Windows Update thing, we downloaded the RTM of the Creators Update and upgraded all workstations.  The PC that is used by our graphic Artist (Corel Draw) is now missing about half the fonts that were in place before the upgrade.  The fonts do not appear in Windows App font menus and they appear "Partially" in Corel Draw font menus.  The fonts themselves are substituted with Arial wherever they have been used in drawings.  All font types are affected - T1, TT and OpenFont.  Here is a very small partial list:  

    TT Avant Garde (whole family)

    T1 A Garamond (whole family)

    T1 Baskerville (whole family)

    TT Belwe

    TT Binner D

    O Bliss (whole family)

    TT Compacta (whole family)

    TT Copperplate (whole family)

    TT Corporate (whole family)

    TT Dom (whole family)

    TT Dutch (whole family)

    TT Excursions (whole family)

    TT Fritz Quadrata (whole family)

    TT Franklin (whole family)

    TT Futura (whole family)

    TT Gothic 720 (whole family)

    T1 Gill Sans (whole family)

    All of these fonts were present prior to install of creator's update.  Any suggestions as to what might be wrong and how to fix it?

    Wednesday, April 05, 2017 5:40 PM

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