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  • Hi All,

    I have experenced a glitch which looses files being MOVED to a flash drive. Now, I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software bug but here is what happened.

    First the hardware:

    * Acer aspire one NetBook
    * Flash Drive 4 GB Lexar Firefly (same flash drive I used for the Windows 7 Install)
    * Windows 7 RC1

    How to reproduce the glitch:

    * Created a native Word 2007 document and saved it to the desktop (yes Word was closed and the file saved)
    * Needed to move the file off the NetBook because it is shared
    * Plugged in my Firefly flash drive,  and the option to run setup.exe or open the drive in Explorer appeared
    * I selected open in Explorer
    * I click the New Folder Button and create a folder named "Files", I open the folder
    * I Right Clicked on the file and Dragged and dropped it into the "Files" folder, and I select MOVE
    * The file appears in the "Files" folder
    * I safely remove the Firefly flash drive and insert it into my desktop computer for transfer to storage
    * The File is no longer in the "Files" Folder, and no longer on the desktop of the NetBook - lost in Space :(
    * I re-create the File from autosave data and MOVE the file as before with the same result
    * Ditto for the above for a third time - I'm starting to clue in here
    * I repeated this for a forth time but COPY instead of MOVE, this time it works as expected (I now delete the file from the NetBook)
    * I realized that that this had happened to me about a 6 - 7 weeks previous to this while riding a ferry to the mainland, I thought I has been inattentive and failed to save the file to the Flash drive but apparently this may not be the case

    I am getting eaten by Mosi's on the deck, and going inside now!

    Cheers, Mongojim
    Wednesday, July 22, 2009 4:53 AM