Hi guys and Gals anybody any ideas as to why i am told i have 99+ critical and important updates not installed, i had to get Belarc 2 tell RRS feed

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  • BELARC tell and show me all of these critical and important updates were missing microsoft as normal Had not got a clue well if i tell you the reason why will you put them on offer for me ?, go back about 5 months ago when i clicked on add features to 8.1 and my laptop sort of went into auto melt down, and it was demanded of me that i must purchase a new product key to activate windows, it just kept me out during some very important research, i was only trying to find out if i was soon to be going to the Celestial kingdom on a very early bus, However that with the help of whom if i may call my good mate and who is super cool at sorting high level tech probs out inbetween sips of water Mr Bill Smithers he had that sust when they built my Dell the tech guys must have had a bit to much amber nectar and my build was messed up i was already on windows 8.1 Pro op system but Microsoft were shown the truth and i had paid for a new activation key, what they did with it i do not know but my original key shows up when i ask to identify  Where is my money did it go on more amber nectar??? i know i have not had it returned,, But here we are again with a problem loads of users are having things start acting up? then quickly this time i find out about the 99+ critical or important updates did not bother coming to my hard done by Dell i ask Microsoft and i know there is a problem right away by the Very sharp intake of breath, they couldn't be seen to be guilty reg taking the prompt away>>find new features away as promised so the system was never geared up to send me these wanted updates to peoples machines they had messed up, but it is known about by thousands of customers the same as me waiting for them to sort and send them us kinda soon as it sorta causes dome problems i think you know you have given me enough so let's have some answers playmates......chris PV
    Wednesday, June 19, 2019 5:46 AM

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  • Try select some of updates and install them first and restart your PC and then install others.
    Wednesday, August 28, 2019 4:41 PM