Transferring VHD for Windows XP mode in a domain environment


  • I have a user who needs access to a series of applications and software suites that are no longer supported by windows and require windows xp mode to be run, Another issue is that the software is also dependent on other software that is also not supported (hooray!). There is another user in the same office who has a windows XP mode install with the necessary files and applications on it. In the past I believe I have done a simple file transfer and added a virtual machine, and I believe I also once simpy installed minixp and then blew out the default files with those from the other machine but im not 100% sure. It seems like these are both options I could have used. 

    Anyways I am being informed that there are special steps involving sysprep /generalize in order to be able to run both at the same time on the domain is anyone familiar with moving Mini XP disks to different computers on domains and what steps one would take?

    Thanks for your time

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012 5:55 PM